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We are a Nationwide I.T. Recruiting firm specializing in the placement of Software Engineers, Software Developers, Data Analyst/Data Engineers, and Cloud Solutions I.T. professionals. We understand that every organization is faced with challenges identifying top I.T. talent in this competitive market. That is where our expertise is, locating the talent our hiring clients need to continue to grow your business. We identify and establish connections with top notch I.T. professionals that are looking for growth, opportunity and the right fit for their career goals.


About Us

ITegra Search Pros understands that the competition for top talent has never been more critical. The technology landscape is constantly changing, and you need top I.T. professionals that have the knowledge and expertise of the latest systems to generate business and help advance your company’s growth.

We strive to add real business value for our clients while also creating professional opportunities for our candidates.

Organizations looking to help shape the digital future can better hire top technology talent by leveraging recruitment solutions from ITegra Search Pros

Our Core Beliefs:

Relationships & Client Support

We build strong relationships and create client support for the long term.


We take ownership and resolve customer and candidate issues with urgency.

Respect and Integrity.

We treat every client, candidate and employee with respect and integrity.

Customer’s Experience.

We consistently seek ways to innovate and improve to impact our customer’s experience.


We are personally responsible for our actions, results, and our reputation.


Our Services

Direct Placement

We conduct an in-depth analysis of your company’s culture, the job description, and specifics about what you are looking for and find the candidates with the best hard and soft skills for the job for your long-term hiring needs.

Contract-to-hire Placement

If you need to fill an immediate gap in your IT capacity. Leveraging a recruiting agency to fill a contract-to-hire job relieves your business from the tedious and time-consuming task of finding and vetting a suitable candidate without the lengthy interview cycle. This allows companies to work a full-time position into the budget, while still getting the work done in the interim.

Contractor assignment placement[W-2]

Ideal for IT departments who need to fill a short-term position to complete a certain project for a specific time, allowing you to meet your project deadlines and on budget.


We offer you the opportunity to work with the best companies nationwide. ITegra Search Pros knows that we only succeed if you succeed, therefore we have all the motivation to secure the right position for you.

The sooner you reach out to us, the faster we can get you in touch with an opportunity you have been waiting for. The time is now to change your life.

We never charge any fees to the candidate for our services.


Because we work with the same vertical of applicants daily, we do a superior job on the front end qualifying candidates, thus, preventing offer rejections and last minute back-outs from interested candidates.

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    Our recruiting expertise.

    We off work experience that helps the prospective candidate understand the needs of your specific industry, therefore, our recruiting knowledge comes from experience. We too have faced and understand equal challenges as our candidates and clients.

    Acquire top I.T. talent.

    We know that the best I.T. candidates rarely post a resume or respond to a job advertisements on job boards. The core of ITegra Search Pros is the high-quality candidates that we proactively find and recruit. Due to this objective are constantly networking with new, talented candidates and solidifying our relationships with those in our database.

    Proficiently optimized staffing outcomes.

    It is s significant advantage for a company to form a solid relationship with a recruiting firm that, can quickly pivot to precisely meet your demand. Our organization is built to perform for our clients in this manner.

    Significantly lower hired candidate turnover

    Through our expertise we have come to realize that a wide pool of properly evaluated candidates leads to better hiring decisions. Precise recruiting by ITegra Search Pros allows you to build a team of future loyal employees who are a cultural fit for your company, thereby retaining your talent with decreased costs.



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